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For over twelve years, I’ve designed end-to-end experiences for both business and consumer applications, gaining extensive expertise in the field of UX design. My career has taken me through diverse environments, from large corporate banking institutions to fledgling green energy startups, and I've thrived while wearing many hats. Though the settings differed, the fundamentals remained constant - my passion for creating intuitive, engaging digital experiences that solve real-world problems.

I relish the multifaceted challenges of UX design, conducting user research to deeply understand pain points, conceptualising solutions, prototyping and testing, then refining designs. The human aspect energises me; I love collaborating with cross-functional teams and connecting with users to transform their digital experiences. My adaptability, creative problem-solving and commitment to excellence has enabled me to deliver successful products across industries. Twelve years in, UX design still excites me. I'm driven by the opportunity to innovate, build empathy and craft beautiful, functional interfaces that improve people's lives in meaningful ways.

UI/UX Designer

I offer extensive expertise having served companies in the energy, finance, and gaming industries. My experience includes designing software initiatives for industry leaders and guiding projects from initial ideation through to successful launch. With a proven track record of adding value across multiple sectors, I bring a broad perspective and deep understanding of what it takes to deliver results. Most recently, I spent 9 months contracted to a global law firm, spearheading the rebuild of their case management system using Bootstrap and MS Blazor.

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  • Phone: 07738 293050
  • City: London UK
  • Age: 46
  • Degree: BA Hons Design
  • Work Status: Available

As a specialist in user experience design and front-end development, I excel at streamlining complex data into elegant digital solutions. My expertise encompasses UX planning, wireframing, prototyping, and visual design using Figma, FigJam, Miro, and Adobe Creative Suite. I have hands-on experience coding with HTML5, CSS/LESS/SASS, Twitter Bootstrap, Google Material Design, and JavaScript/jQuery.


I have focused on crafting intuitive experiences for Banking, Energy, and Law products and services. I aspire to take a human-centred approach to design - truly understanding users' needs instead of making assumptions. The key is empathy. I immerse myself in users' worlds to uncover their pain points and requirements.
Then I craft detailed personas, empathy maps, and user journey maps based on insights from questionnaires, shadowing, interviews, and workshops. With a solid grasp of the users and problems, I start rapidly sketching, wireframing, and prototyping solutions. Through quick iteration and user testing, I refine the concepts until all stakeholders are on board. Now I can dive into higher fidelity mockups and prototypes, applying UX standards, design systems, and guidelines. More testing and revisions until we have something users love and stakeholders approve. This polished design transitions into development, but the work doesn't end there. I continue testing and optimising to ensure we deliver the best possible experience. The human-centred process never really stops. It evolves with users' changing needs.

UX Design 100%
UI Design 90%
UX Planning 75%
User Testing 80%
Prototyping 90%
Frontend coding 55%


I'm an experienced UX design / UX architect with past experience of UI design and frontend development available for hire Download full CV


Matt James

Experienced UX Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and finance industry. Skilled in UX , User testing, information architecture, user interface design, mobile, cross browser testing, SASS, HTML & JS . Strong consulting professional with a BA Hons degree in design.

  • London UK
  • 07738 293 050


Design Studies BA Hons

1996 - 1999

University of East Anglia

Majored in Design Studies and Photography

Highlander course HTML and Javascript

2010 - 2012

As part of working with Netbiscuites I attended and passed 2 courses in development

Professional Experience

UX Expert Kennedys Law

2023 - 2024

London, UK

  • Lead user research by implementing interviews, questionnaires and user shadowing
  • Implement user journey mapping & process maps for discovery.
  • Design and prototyping ideas in Figma for customers to gather feedback.
  • Re-design of the global Case Management System.

Brady Technologies - Lead UX/UI Designer

2019 - 2023

London, UK

  • Lead UX design in a greenfield project from concept to completion.
  • In charge of the design of PowerDesk from concept to delivery.
  • Lead demos to win new customers and playback prototypes to users/customers that use PowerDesk.
  • Support development teams with hitting sprint goals, using UX/UI solutions


Below are three case studies I would like to share that demonstrate the range of my skills and process when taking on new projects. Together these three case studies showcase the range of my skills in UX and UI design. They demonstrate my thought process, creative thinking, and collaborative approach across different types of engagements.

Kennedys Law Case Management UX case study

Brady PowerDesk UX case study

Intellect Design Arena Cash Flow Forecasting UX case study


Please contact me via phone or email. My residence is Chelmsford (east of London). I'm flexable where I work and happy to be in the office or work from home.


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